EXECRATION (Nor) – ‘Syndicate of Lethargy’ LP


EXECRATION (Nor) – ‘Syndicate of Lethargy’ LP

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EXECRATION’s sophomore release / full-length debut album Syndicate Of Lethargy will finally be released on vinyl for the first time March 2023! Remastered and re-edited, and with a new cover artwork, the album will finally be available in its definite edition, on the fomat it deserves! Formed in 2004, Execration – a two-piece, at the time – recorded their first demo in 2005: six heavily thrash-inspired songs and a cover of Celtic Frost’s “Into The Crypts of Rays”. In 2006, original member Jorgen Maristuen returned to the band, and the focus shifted towards death metal. They wrote and recorded their first 5 song EP, Language of the Dead. The EP was released in early 2007 through Entartete Musik, the now defunct label of Espen Hangaard (Noplacetohide, Killl, She Said Destroy, Diskord).

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