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DRAKON HO MEGAS (Gr) – ‘Έλευσις Αντίχριστου’ LP (silver vinyl)


DRAKON HO MEGAS (Gr) – ‘Έλευσις Αντίχριστου’ LP Gatefold

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Drakon Ho Megas may be a fresh, uprising band from Greece, but their sound definitely is harking back to the Hellenic days of old, with classic Mediterranean black metal firing from all cylinders, albeit with a stronger emphasis on symphonic/choral elements.Inevitably, there’re comparisons to be made with the subgenre’s evergreens; Kawir and early Varathron still seem to be important cornerstones in this band’s writing, but their distinct influences have been pushed back compared to the debut, as the symphonic components and chorals have increased their presence on many tracks. So did the variations in Lord Nero’s vocal range, who’s delivering a very pleasing, quite diverse palette of black metal pastry.

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Greek Black Metal