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DIABOLIC (USA) – ‘City of the Dead + bonus’ CD


DIABOLIC (USA) – ‘City of the Dead + bonus’ CD

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Florida death metal at its best! This compilation album contains the earliest DIABOLIC works demo 1997 & ultra rare promo 1998. Diabolic is an American death metal band from Tampa Bay, Florida, founded in 1996 by bassist/vocalist Paul Ouellette, drummer Aantar Lee Coates and guitarist Brian Malone. By January 1997, Diabolic drummer/founder Aantar Coates (Unholy Ghost, Exmortis, Horror of Horrors, Blastmasters), had relocated to Tampa, Florida and after forming the first complete lineup, the band recorded and released the successful demo ‘City of the Dead’. This demo immediately got the band noticed in the worldwide underground press. ‘City of the Dead’ was mastered at Morrisound Studios (Death, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide), Tampa, Florida by Jim Morris, and produced by Lee Harrison (Monstrosity, ex Malevolent Creation, ex Terrorizer). In 1998 the band recorded a 9 track promo that as only sent out to a very few labels to get signed and never officially released. For the 2014 vinyl re-issue of the debut demo Diabolic recorded a new special track names ‘Lucifer Induced’ (never released on cd until now). Both demo 1997, promo 1998 and the new 2014 track are included on this compilation cd. 13 tracks in total. Extensive liner notes by Steven Willem (Rock Tribune, Voices from The Dark Side with drummer / founder Aantar. Plus old and rare pictures, posters and flyers in a 16 page booklet.

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