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DEVOTION (Spa) – ‘The Harrowing’ CD


DEVOTION (Spa) – ‘The Harrowing’ CD

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In stock
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At long last, nearly 5 years later, Devotion deliver their 2nd full-length: “The Harrowing”. Very aptly titled, “The Harrowing” sees the Spaniards taking their eldritch death in a darker and much-more-haunting direction. As ever, the ilk of Death Metal that Devotion display is not affiliated to any particular school, let alone any current trend, for it´s all about uncompromising, organic, putrid, crushing and timeless Death Metal as we knew it in the early/mid 90´s: eminently mid-paced and drenched in a rotting atmosphere, with a strong penchant for memorability and catchiness, which is a trait that seems to be lost in most of today´s Death Metal.

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