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CHASMDWELLER (Can) – ‘Flesh Crusade’ CD Digipack


CHASMDWELLER (Can) – ‘Flesh Crusade’ CD Digipack

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In stock
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Originally self-released in 2021, CHASMDWELLER’s third album, Flesh Crusade, is perhaps the apotheosis of the band’s grimy ‘n’ gutted sound. Megaton heavy, swarmingly monolithic, and yet exceptionally sharp despite the lethal doses of bass underpinning their tanktread movement, Flesh Crusade is doomed-out DEATH METAL for those who want movement in their doom-death. Meaning, CHASMDWELLER don’t just muck about at a slo-mo pace, waiting for something (likely boredom) to happen; rather, the DOOM here is the sensation that envelops their alternately surging/swirling onslaught. Imagine a mercilessly hammering amalgam of early Grave and prime Naked Whipper: this is Flesh Crusade.

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Death Metal