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CHARNEL ALTAR (Aus) – ‘Abatement Of The Sun’ CD


CHARNEL ALTAR (Aus) – ‘Abatement Of The Sun’ CD

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CHARNEL ALTAR make their full-length debut with the slimy ‘n’ stultifying Abatement of the Sun. Horrific and harrowing, churning and gestating with utter dread and doom, CHARNEL ALTAR’s death metal is like a slo-mo melting of mind and matter. One could arguably qualify it as death-doom, but the band’s version of such evades easy categorization and aims more for hovering tension and paradoxically spacious density – indeed, like old(er)-school death metal dragged through tar but trudging forward like a tank. That all three members previously played together in the cult Tombsealer – who toured nationally in support of Mournful Congregation and played with such acts as Dead Congregation, Portal, Fetid, Windhand, Cough, Inverloch, and Nocturnal Graves to name a few – shows in their seemingly effortless execution, that these dreadful ‘n’ doomed-out ruminations have been simmering in their hearts for time eternal. Or, put another way, Abatement of the Sun is all-too-perfectly titled: the end is not just nigh; it’s NULL.

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