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CADAVERIC INCUBATOR (Fin) – ‘Nightmare Necropolis’ CD


CADAVERIC INCUBATOR (Fin) – ‘Nightmare Necropolis’ CD

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In stock
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Now, following a couple split 7″s in 2018, CADAVERIC INCUBATOR return to uphold that very same banner, uglier and more morally bereft than ever: Nightmare Necropolis, the band’s second full-length. Thankfully, little has changed in their worldview the past four years since the release of that debut album, and CADVERIC INCUBATOR are all the better for it. The disgusting, old-school influences remain – early Carcass, Repulsion, early Xysma, Mortician, Blood, and early Disgorge Mexico, among others – but an emphasis has ever so subtly been placed on catchier songwriting here. With the pummeling (and well-timed) D-beats being more pronounced in that songwriting, there’s a none-too-inconspicuous Autopsy element across Nightmare Necropolis…and lo and behold, the band got THE Eric Cutler of Autopsy to contribute a solo on “Frenzied Hatred”! Likewise, with an album title like Nightmare Necropolis, there’s a decidedly darker aspect to CADAVERIC INCUBATOR this time around, making their raw, filthy brutality hit that much harder.

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