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BRUTALLY DECEASED (Cz) – ‘Dead Lovers’ Guide’ LP (white vinyl)


BRUTALLY DECEASED (Cz) – ‘Dead Lovers’ Guide’ LP (white vinyl)

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Swedish death metal aficionados will instantly recognize the band’s moniker as a track from Grave‘s 1992 album, You’ll Never See and that in itself will give you a blatant point of reference for the nine song, 33-minute album: Grave. Notably early Into the Grave and You’ll Never See Grave with a hint of Nihilist; raw, with a super down tuned sunlight buzz, an emphasis on more simple blasting riffs and grooves and some very deep, gruff vocals. The Davos studios production is spot on in capturing the sound of yore. It’s not overly done or forced, but a primal and authentic analog sound that’s incredibly nostalgic. The same goes for the songwriting. The quartet obviously knows the reference material inside and out plying their trade with a simple energy and effective sense of balance between groove and cavernous blasting. RECOMMENDED!

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