BEYOND DEATH’S THRONE (Sp) – ‘Haphazard Ethos’ LP


BEYOND DEATH’S THRONE (Sp) – ‘Haphazard Ethos’ LP

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Haphazard Ethos is the “new” sound of OLD, as it draws moonlit power from ’90s black metal’s most revered tomes – be they De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Storm of the Light’s Bane, or The Shadowthrone – but shines illuminating light in those craggiest corners, those corridors of the self and soul few dare to tread, nevertheless all in strict obeisance to (and reverence for) the occultic powers of the Beyond. But, familiarity or none, Beyond Death’s Throne exude a robust ‘n’ rippling physicality that puts this debut mini in a much larger landscape – one where the band are but beginning their ascent to the throne…

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