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BARBARIAN (It) – ‘Barbarian’ MCD


BARBARIAN (It) – ‘Barbarian’ MCD

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So you thought Warhammer, Apocalyptic Raids or Hellkommander were the only true heirs to Hellhammer and Celtic Frost throne didn’t you?! Surely, formed in 2009, Florence’s Barbarian also namechecked Running Wild or early Bathory as one of their main influences but come on, as soon as the first notes of “Serve In Heaven, Reign In Hell” hit you off and ‘Borys Crossburn’ lets go his first ‘ugh!’ of the day, you know what the score is and as Tom G. Warrior would have say himself, the usurper’s tears surely guide their sword. Just look up at each of those three Italians’ role in the band: ‘necroharmonic guitarmageddon and invocations of baltic storms and polish metal albums’, ‘eruptions of evil from cracked earth’ and ‘fuck off bombardment’. Indeed, only 1984 is real!!! This first set of six morbid tales was recorded by this trio in the classic sense of the word and originally released as a self-titled demo tape last year after eight months of intense rehearsal in only 99 copies. Now re-released on a glorious and lavish LP version in the classic Doomentia tradition, this monstrous debut has finally all the means required to crush all the posers. And with songs like the doomier yet as morbid “Ad Mortem Festinamus” or the rock n’roll rumblings of “The Hammer And The Anvil” showcasing another side of their necromantical art and thus proving that Barbarian are more than just a tribute band in disguise, you know that this is just the beginning. Venom are killing music… Hellhammer are killing Venom… Barbarian will kill you all!!

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