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ASTRIFEROUS (CRI) – Raise High the Scepter of Indulgence MCD


ASTRIFEROUS (CRI) – Raise High the Scepter of Indulgence MCD

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Astriferous furnishes a diverse piece of Death Metal vigor, ranging from fast and belligerent gashes of brutality into slower elements of somber doom (not unlike parallel band Bloodsoaked Necrovoid), features intertwined by a distressing aura of cosmic allure. The sound production works wonders for the band’s musical traits and similarly as an enhancer of said atmosphere of horror and impending doom. One faces a clear, powerful sound that doesn’t suffer from the lack of organic feel that curses so many clinic modern mixes. “Raise High the Scepter of Indulgence” is dynamic, piercing, dark, and projects a morbid texture and putrid ambience which should always be analogous with the words DEATH METAL.

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Death Metal