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ABYSMAL GRIEF (It) – ‘Feretri’ CD


ABYSMAL GRIEF (It) – ‘Feretri’ CD

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It’s not a secret that Italian psych horror Doom metallers ABYSMAL GRIEF have been flirting for years with the obscure and macabre, which are the main characteristics a listener can instantly spot in their super-scary melodies. If you prefer your Doom plate pure and traditional without horror-esque additions, you should try this one, since ABYSMAL GRIEF have managed to produce a real piece of misery and beauty. You may find “Feretri” a bit cheesy during the first listenings, but the cold-thick atmosphere will draw your attention in the end. For the rest of us this album is a huge revelation, simply because it evolves like a well-structured horrific theatrical play, while being the best album this band has ever released. Necromantical Doom Metal at its best.

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Terror From Hell


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