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Out now: ENCRYPTMENT (Swe) – ‘Dödens Födsel’ CD / Tape, CRUZ ‘Confines de la Cordura’ LP

– ENCRYPTMENT (Swe) – ‘Dödens födsel’ CD / Tape
– CRUZ (Sp) – ‘Confines de la Cordura’ LP
*Two color variants available, classic Black Vinyl and Galaxy Red vinyl
– EXCARNATED ENTITY (USA) – ‘Stillborn in Ash’ MLP
*On Black vinyl and Grey vinyl, back in stock!

“The mania, poison, darkness, and ferocity of the imminent Dödens födsel has been brewing steadily until it was realized in Necromorbus Studio together with the esteemed Tore Stjerna. Indeed maniacal and poisonous, utterly and equally dark and ferocious, Encryptment’s first full-length statement is a fiercely focused juggernaut of dread frequencies. That they take so many shapes – some blackened, most deathened, all delivered with the hackle-raising urgency of the best hardcore-punk – matters not when trying to “define” Dödens födsel: the art, the ART OF DARKNESS, above all commands possession of both players and listener. With eight songs flying fast and free across a breathless 33 minutes, Encryptment’s debut album offers deliverance to those who walk along those shadowed borders; the band’s vision and intent remain recognizable, but their attack here has been sharpened to a startling degree. Of course, Stjerna’s swarming production only makes those depths of darkness seem more infinite…”
“Confines de la Cordura absolutely CRUSHES from the very beginning: classic early ’90s Swedish-style death metal this may be, but Cruz pump it full of an urgency and electricity that simply can’t be denied. The songwriting simply stuns with its earworming flow, with malevolently majestic leads riding atop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse gallop, and Narcís’ annunciation dripping malice across each one of these seven stout tracks. And while “Swedish death metal” may conjure images of the usual suspects – Entombed, Dismember, and/or Grave – it’s perhaps more accurate to liken Cruz to the idiom’s culter names like Seance, Desultory, or especially Unanimated; the obsidian gleams as brightly as the blood-red here on Confines de la Cordura.”

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