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Out now! ENCRYPTMENT ‘Dödens Födsel’ LP, PESTILENGTH ‘Basom Gryphos’ LP


ENCRYPTMENT (Swe) – ‘Dödens Födsel’ LP
Black vinyl, limited to 250 copies
Smoke vinyl, limited to 100 copies

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden’s Encryptment formed in 2015 with the intention of writing music in absence of borders between death metal, black metal, and extreme styles of punk, all with lyrics written in their native tongue. This intention has remained intact, yet the call from the grave has only grown stronger

PESTILENGTH (Sp) – ‘Basom Gryphos’ LP
Black vinyl, limited to 350 copies
Green in black vinyl, limited to 150 copies

Spanish hallucinatory Death Metal abomination PESTILENGTH return with their suffocating sophomore album, an imposing and shapeshifting aural beast channeling the chaotic immensity and darkness of bands like Morbid Angel, Impetuous Ritual and Incantation. 36 minutes of mutant Death Metal Armageddon to disintegrate the fabric of reality.

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