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VIC Records CDs:ASPHYXIATOR (Uk) – ‘Trapped Between Two Worlds’ CD ASTAROTH (USA) – ‘Demos ’93 / ’95 / ‘98’ CD BLOOD / NUNSLAUGHTER – Split CD BLUUURGH (Nl) – Suffer Within, 25 Years Of Suffering CDCARBONIZED (Swe) – ‘For the Security’ CD CHEMICAL BREATH (Bel) – ‘Fatal Exposure’ CD FLOTSAM & JETSAM (USA) – ‘Iron Tears & Metal Shock’ CDHELLWITCH (USA) – Omnipotent Convocation CD HELLWITCH (USA) – Syzygial Miscreancy CD IMPETIGO – Ultimo Mondo Cannibale CD INCARDINE (Swe) – ‘Seeds of Doom’ CDNAPHOBIA (USA) – Of Hell + bonus CD OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT (Nor) – ‘Centuries of sorrow + Bonus’ CD OVERTHROW (Can) – ‘Within Suffering+bonus’ CD SACROSANCT (Nl) – ‘Truth Is What Is’ CD TORCHURE (Ger) – ‘Beyond the Veil’ CD TORCHURE (Ger) – ‘The Demos’ 2-CDUTUMNO (Swe) – ‘Across The Horizon’ CD VISCERAL EVISCERATION (Aus) – ‘The Lost Tapes’ CD Various labels, new stock:AEVITERNE (USA) – ‘The Ailing Façade’ CD ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE (USA) – ‘Purifying Blade’ CD APOSTASY (USA) – ‘Acusser Of Brethren’ MCD BOG BODY (USA) – ‘Cryonic Crevasse Cult’ CD BURIAL​ (USA) – ‘Divinity Through Eradication’ CDCOITUS INTERRUPTUS (Dk) – ‘Coitus Interruptus’ CDCORRUPT SOUL (Spa) – ‘Ancient Psychophony’ CD CRYPTUM (USA) – ‘Vile Emergence’ MCD DEVOTION (Spa) – ‘Necrophiliac Cults’ CD DISGUSTED GEIST (USA) – ‘Reign of Enthrallment’ CD DOOM FORMATION (USA) – ‘Definition of Evil’ MCD 90ies Death MetalEXCISION (USA) – ‘Hymns of Depravity’ CD  90ies Death MetalEXCRUCIATING PAIN (USA) – ‘Thou Shall Choose + Bonus’ CD FETICIDE (Dk) – ‘Psychaos / Organic God Syndrome’ CD HAALBUARER (Nor) – ‘Mortal Ones Scream in Horror’ CDHAUNTED (USA) – ‘Sinister Spawnings’ CD  90ies Death MetalHISSING (USA) – ‘Hypervirulence Architecture’ CD Digipack IMMORTAL SUFFERING (USA) – ‘Preyed Upon’ CD PUTREFY (Uk) – ‘Infestation, Oppression, Possession’ MCD PYPHOMGERTUM (Mex) – ‘Multiple Forms of Humiliation to Satan’ CD REEKING AURA (USA) – ‘And Bonemeal’ CD ARTIFICIAL BRAIN (USA) – ‘Artificial brain’ LP CHEMICAL BREATH (Bel) – ‘Fatal Exposure’ LP CHEMICAL BREATH (Bel) – ‘Beyond Reality / Brutal Violation’ LP EYEMASTER (Ger) – ‘Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime’ 7”EP FERAL SEASON (USA) – ‘Rotting Body In The Range Of Light’ LP HISSING (USA) – ‘Hypervirulence Architecture’ LP MORTIFERUM (USA) – ‘Disgorged from Psychotic Depths’ LP OF FEATHER AND BONE (USA) – ‘Bestial Hymns Of Perversion’ LPPALLBEARER (USA) – ‘Foundations Of Burden’ D-LP Gatefold POLLUTED INHERITANCE (Nl) – ‘Ecocide’ LPPOLLUTED INHERITANCE (Nl) – ‘Betrayed’ LP SUFFERING HOUR (USA) – The Cyclic Reckoning LP VANUM (USA) – ‘Ageless Fire’ LP COSMIC PUTREFACTION – ‘Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones’ TAPECRONOS COMPULSION (USA) – ‘Cursed and Decaying’ TAPECRYPTUM (USA) – ‘Vile Emergence’ TAPE DESCENT (Aus) – ‘Order of Chaos’ TAPEDODSKVAD (Nor) – ‘Kronike II’ TAPE FUNERALIUM (Fr) – ‘Decrepit’ TAPE SCUMSLAUGHT (Fr) – ‘Knives and Amphetamines’ TAPESPASTICUS / BOIA – split TAPEVATICINAL RITES (UK) – ‘Vaticinal Rites’ TAPE