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ABYSMAL GRIEF (It) – ‘Funeral Cult of Personality’ CD Digipack
ACHERONTAS (Gr) – ‘Malocchio ​-​ The Seven Tongues…’ CD Digipack
ANCIENT (Nor) – ‘Svartalvheim’ CD
ANCIENT (Nor) – ‘Back to the Land of the Dead’ CD
ANGUISH (Swe) – ‘Doomkvädet’ CD Digipack
BARATHRUM (Fin) – ‘Demo(no)s’ 2-CD

BARATHRUM (Fin) – ‘Devilry’ MCD
BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Phobos’ CD
BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Gift’ CD
BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Totentanz’ CD Digipack
BLUTVIAL (UK) – ‘Mysteries Of Earth’ CD Digipack
COUNTESS (Nl) – ‘The Gospel of the Horned One’ CD
IN THE WOODS (Nor) – ‘Heart of the Ages’ CD Digipack
INFLABITAN (Nor) – ‘Intrinsic’ CD digipack
LUCIFER’S FALL (Aus) – ‘III – From The Deep’ CD Digipack
MAGUS (USA) – ‘Ruminations Of Debauchery’ CD digibook
MISÞYRMING (Ice) – ‘Söngvar elds of oreidu’ CD Digipack
MORD’A’STIGMATA (Pol) – ‘Antimatter’ CD
MYTHIC (USA) – ‘Anthology’ CD digibook
NEKROVAULT (Ger) – ‘Nachhut: Toward The Towering Tomb’ CD Digipack
NEKROVAULT (Ger) – ‘Totenzug: Festering Peregrination’ CD Digipack
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fr) – ‘Near to the Star’ CD
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fr) – ‘Suicidal Thoughs’ CD
SARKE (Nor) – ‘Allsighr’ CD
SEPULCHRAL (Sp) – ‘From Beyond the Burial Mound’ CD
SETHERIAL (Nor) – ‘Nord’ CD Digipack
SICULICIDIUM (Rom) – ‘Land Beyond the Forest’ CD Digipack
SINMARA (Ice) – ‘Aphotic Womb’ CD Digipack
SLAEGT (Dk) – ‘The Wheel’ CD Digipack
STORMKEEP (Ger) – ‘Tales of Overtime’ CD Slipcase
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘Swallowed By The Ocean’s Tide’ CD Digipack
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos’ CD Digipack
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘Gateway to the Antisphere’ CD Digipack
SVOID (Hun) – ‘To Never Return’ CD Digipack
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (Ger) – ‘Unlock The Shrine’ CD Digipack
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (Ger) – ‘Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite’ CD Digipack
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (Ger) – ‘Blood Vaults’ CD Digipack
VED BUENS ENDE (Nor) – ‘Written in Waters’ CD Digipack
VED BUENS ENDE (Nor) – ‘Those Who Caress The Pale’ CD Digipack

ABYSMAL GRIEF (It) – ‘Funeral Cult of Personality ’ D-LP Gatefold
ANCIENT (Nor) – ‘Svartalvheim’ LP
ANCIENT (Nor) – ‘Back to the Land of the Dead’ D-LP Gatefold
BESTIAL SUMMONING (Nl) – ‘The Dark War Has Begun’ LP
BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Satanas Retro Vade’ 7″EP
BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Gift’ LP
BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Phantasmhassgorie’ LP
CATACOMB (Fr) – ‘Back to Unknown Kadath’ MLP
CHAPEL OF DISEASE (Ger) – ‘Summoning Black Gods’ LP
COUNTESS (Nl) – ‘Ad maiorem Sathanae gloriam’ LP
DEUS MORTEM (Pol) – ‘The Fiery Blood’ MLP
HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘The Tritonus Bell’ LP Gatefold
IN THE WOODS (Nor) – ‘Heart of the Ages’ D-LP Gatefold
IN THE WOODS (Nor) – ‘Omnio’ D-LP Gatefold
KEVER – ‘Primordial Offerings’ MLP
LUCIFER’S FALL (Aus) – ‘III – From The Deep’ LP
MAYHEM (Nor) – ‘Wolf’s Lair Abyss + bonus’ LP + Booklet
PEST (Ger) – ‘Ära’ LP
PEST (Ger) – ‘Buried’ LP
PRIMORDIAL (Irl) – ‘Dark Romanticism’ LP
SEPULCHRAL (Sp) – ‘From Beyond the Burial Mound’ LP
SICULICIDIUM (Rom) – ‘Land Beyond the Forest’ LP
SICULICIDIUM (Rom) – Lélekösvény LP
SONNE ADAM (Isr) – ‘Doctrines Of Dark Devotion’  MLP
TRIUMPH,GENUS (Cz) – ‘Jiné se dnes má…’ 7”EP

ABYSMAL GRIEF (It) – ‘Funeral Cult of Personality ’ TAPE
BRITON RITES (USA) – ‘For Mircalla’ TAPE
CAULDRON BORN (USA) – ‘Born of the Cauldron’ TAPE


ASTRIFEROUS – The Lower Levels Of Sentience MLP
CHRONIC DECAY (Swe) – Ecstasy in Pain 7”EP
CRYPTWORM (UK) – ‘Spewing Mephitic Putridity’ LP Gatefold
DECOMPOSED (UK) – ‘The Funeral Obsession’ MLP
DEIQUISITOR (Dk) – ‘Sword Of Pestilence’ 7”EP
DIABOLIZER (Tur) – ‘Khalkedonian Death’ LP
GALVANIZER (Fin) – ‘Prying Sight Of Imperception’ LP
GOD DETHRONED (Nl) – ‘The Christhunt’ LP
GOREPHILIA (Fin) – ‘In the Eye of Nothing’ LP
HYPERDONTIA (Dk) – ‘Hideous Entity’ LP Gatefold
SULPHUROUS (Dk) – ‘The Black Mouth of Sepulchre’ LP
SULPHUROUS (Dk) – ‘Encircling Darkness’ 7’’EP
UNDERGANG (Dk) – ‘Doden Leager Alle Sar’ D-LP Gatefold
UNDERGANG (Dk) – Aldrig i livet LP

FACELESS BURIAL (Aus) – ‘Speciation’ TAPE
GOREPHILIA (Fin) – In the Eye of Nothing TAPE
NECROVOROUS (Gr) – ‘Plains of Decay’ TAPE
PESTILENGTH (Sp) – ‘Basom Gryphos’ TAPE

ASPHYX (Nl) – ‘Necroceros’ CD
CANNIBAL CORPSE (USA) – ‘Violence Unimagined’ CD Digipack
DEMONIAC  (Cl) – ‘So It Goes’ CD
EXANIMATVM (Cl) – ‘Sollvm Ipsa Mor’ CD
EXANIMATVM (Cl) – ‘Dispersae Et Tormentvm’ CD
EXCORIATE (Cl) – ‘Black Graves Of The Necrobsessed’ CD
MAYHEM (Nor) – ‘Atavistic Black Dissorder’ CD Digipack
MORBID ANGEL (USA) – ‘Kingdoms Disdained’ CD
NECRONOSIS (Cl) – ‘Putrid,Twisted And Sick Humanity’ CD Digifile
PESTILENGTH (Sp) – ‘Basom Gryphos’ CD Digipack
ROOT (Cz) – ‘The Book’ CD
SEPULCRUM (Cl) – ‘Corpse Dividing Holes’ MCD
SERPENT NOIR (Gr) – ‘Death Clan OD’ CD Digipack
SERPENT NOIR / SARGEIST (Gr/Fin) – split CD Digipack
TORTURER (Cl) – ‘Oppressed By The Force + demo’ D-CD Digipack

CDs from VIC Records:
ACHERON (USA) – ‘Satanic Victory’ CD
ACHERON (USA) – ‘Rites of the Black Mass’ CD
ASPHYXIATOR (Uk) – ‘Trapped Between Two Worlds’ CD
ASSORTED HEAP (Ger) – ‘The Experience of Horror’ CD
ASSORTED HEAP (Ger) – ‘Mindwaves’ CD
BLOOD (Ger) – ‘Dysangelium’ CD
BLOOD (Ger) – ‘Gas Flames Bones’ CD
BLOT MINE (Swe) – ‘Porphyrogenesis’ CD
CHEMICAL BREATH (Bel) – ‘Fatal Exposure’ CD
DISCIPLES OF POWER (Can) – ‘Powertrap + bonus’ CD
FLOTSAM & JETSAM (USA) – ‘Iron Tears & Metal Shock’ CD
GOMORRAH (UK) – ‘Reflections of Inanimate Matter’ CD
INCARDINE (Swe) – ‘Seeds of Doom’ CD
INCUBUS (USA) – ‘Incubus (God Died On His Knees)’ CD Ekopack
INFERNAL MAJESTY (Can) – ‘Nigrescent Years Of Chaos’ CD
JUMPIN JESUS (Ger) – ‘The Art of Crucifying’ CD
MYSTIFIER (Bra) – ‘Profanus + bonus’ CD
OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT (Nor) – ‘Centuries of sorrow + Bonus’ CD
OVERTHROW (Can) – ‘Within Suffering+bonus’ CD
PARADISE LOST (UK) – ‘Drown in Darkness – The Early Demos’ CD
POLTERGEIST (Swi) – ‘The demos’ CD
POSSESSED (USA) – ‘Death Metal Demo’ CD
RECIPIENTS OF DEATH (USA) – ‘Final Flight & Recipients of Death’ CD
SOULBURN (Nl) – ‘Demo 1996’ MCD
SWAZAFIX (Nl) – ‘Anthem Of Apostacy’ CD
TIAMAT (Swe) – ‘Sumerian Cry’ CD
TRIBE OF PAZUZU (Can) – ‘Demon of All Gods’ CD
TRIBE OF PAZUZU – Heretical Uprising CD
UTUMNO (Swe) – ‘Across The Horizon’ CD
VARATHRON (Gr) – ‘The Lament of Gods’ CD
VARATHRON (Gr) – ‘Walpurgisnacht’ CD


Huangquan Records, import from China – all CDs come with OBI Strip.
BLESSED SICKNESS (USA) – ‘Massacre the holy’ CD
EXECUTER (Br) – ‘Rotten Authorities’ CD
EXTERMINIO (Br) – ‘Exterminio’ CD
ILLDISPOSED (Dk) – ‘Four Depressive Seasons + bonus’ CD
NOMENMORTIS (Slk) – ‘Twilight of Humanity’ CD
OBSCENITY (Ger) – ‘Perversion Mankind’ CD
SEVERANCE (USA) – ‘Thansmigration Reincarnation’ CD

AGONY (Col) – ‘Millennium’ TAPE

Old Shadows Records CDs, import from Brazil – high quality!:
ABRAMELIN (Aus) – ‘Abramelin’ CD
CARDIAC ARREST (USA) – ‘And Death Shall Set You Free’ CD Slipcase
CENTINEX (Swe) – ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ CD Slipcase
DEAD AWAKEN (Swe) – ‘The Princip Legacy’ CD
FLESHCRAWL (Ger) – ‘Into the Catacombs of Flesh’ CD
FROM THE VASTLAND (Nor) – ‘Darkness vs. Light…’ CD Slipcase
MASTER (USA) – ‘The Witch-Hunt + bonus’ CD Slipcase
MORBIFIC (Fin) – ‘Ominous Seed Of Putridity’ CD Digipack
ONE DAY IN PAIN (Swe) – ‘Doomsday Congregation’ CD
UNDERGANG (Dk) – ‘Misantropologi’ CD Slipcase
VERMIN (Swe) – ‘Plunge Into Oblivion’ CD


ABOMINATION (USA) – ‘Abomination’ CD
ADRAMELECH (Fin) – ‘Recoveries of the Fallen’ CD
ALTERED DEAD (Can) – ‘Returned to Life’ CD
ASPHODELOS (Ger) – ‘The Five Rivers Of Erebos’ CD
BLOODMESSIAH (USA) – ‘Denouce Your God’ CD
BONE GNAWER – ‘Feast of Flesh’ CD
BONE GNAWER – ‘Primal Cuts’ CD
CANCER (Uk) – ‘Death Shall Rise’ CD
CANCER (Uk) – ‘To the Gory End’ CD
CANCER (Uk) – ‘The Sins of Mankind’ CD
CONJURETH (USA) – Majestic Dissolve CD
DEMIGOD (Fin) – ‘Slumber of Sullen Eyes’ CD
DESULTORY (Swe) – ‘Bitterness’ CD
DESULTORY (Swe) – ‘Into Eternity’ CD
DISSECTION (Swe) – ‘Somberlane’ 2-CD
DISSECTION (Swe) – ‘The Past Is Alive’ CD Digipack
DOWRR (USA) – ‘Into Decrepitude’ MCD
ECTOPLASMA (Gr) – ‘Inferna Kabbalah’ CD
EOS (Aus) – ‘The Great Ascension’ CD Digipack
EXARSIS (Gr) – ‘New War Order’ CD
EXARSIS (Gr) – ‘Sentenced To Life’ CD
EXARSIS (Gr) – ‘The Brutal State’ CD
EXARSIS (Gr) – ‘The Human Project’ CD
EXODUS (USA) – ‘Another Lesson In Violence’ CD
FUNEBRE (Fin) – ‘Children of the Scorn’ CD
GRAVE (Swe) – ‘Hating Life’ CD
GRAVE (Swe) – ‘You’ll Never See…’ CD
GUT (Ger) – ‘Disciples Of Smut’ CD
HELSTAR (USA) – ‘A Distant Thunder’ CD
HELSTAR (USA) – ‘Nosferatu’ CD
LEATHER GLOVE (USA) – ‘Perpetual Animation / Skin on Glass’ CD
MASTER (USA) – ‘Command Your Fate (The Demo Collection)’ CD Digipack
MORGOTH (Ger) – ‘Ungod’ CD
NAGLFAR (Swe) – ‘Pariah’ CD
NEUROSURGERY (Fin) – ‘Invitation to Die’ CD
PNEUMA HAGION (USA) – ‘Voidgazer / Rituals of Extinction’ CD
PURTENANCE (Fin) – ‘Member of Immortal Damnation’ CD
RAVENOUS DEATH (Mex) – ‘Visions from the Netherworld’ CD
REQUIEM (Swi) – ‘Within Darkened Disorder’ CD
ROTTREVORE (USA) – ‘Iniquitous’ CD
RUNEMAGICK (Swe) – ‘Darkness Death Doom’ CD
SAMAEL (Swi) – ‘Ceremony Of Opposites’ CD
SAMAEL (Swi) – ‘Passage’ CD
S.D.I. (Ger) – ‘Mistreated’ CD
S.D.I. (Ger) – ‘Sign of the Wicked’ CD
SEIDE (Fr) – ‘Auakistla’ CD Digipack
SENTENCED (Fin) – ‘Amok’ CD
SUPURATION (Fr) – ‘Back from the Crematory’ CD
THE EVERDAWN (Swe) – ‘Poems – Burning The Past’ CD
THE GROTESQUERY (Swe) – ‘The Lupine Anathema’ CD
THOU SHALT NOT (USA) – ‘Sanctuary of the Vile’ MCD
UNLEASHED (Swe) – ‘Shadows In The Deep + bonus’ CD
UNLEASHED (Swe) – ‘Victory + bonus’ CD
VERMINOUS (Swe) – ‘Impious Sacrilege’ CD
WIND OF LENG (USA) – ‘Horrid Dominion’ CD Digipack
ZEALOTRY (USA) – ‘The Charnel Expanse’ CD