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ABYSMAL LORD (USA) – ‘Cathedral’ 7″EP
AKITSA (Can) – ‘Grands Tyrans’ LP
AKITSA (Can) – ‘Au Crepuscule…’ D-LP
AKITSA (Can) – ‘Goetie’ D-LP
AKITSA (Can) – ‘La Grande Infamie’ D-LP
AKITSA (Can) – ‘Sang Nordique’ D-LP
ANATOMIA (Jap) – ‘Corporeal Torment’ LP Gatefold
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) – ‘Secrets of Laceration’ LP
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) – ‘Tranquility Of Death’ LP
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fra) – ‘The Furnaces of Palingenesia’ LP
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fra) – ‘Fas – Ite…’ LP Gatefold
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fra) – ‘Paracletus’ LP Gatefold
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fr) – ‘Diabolus Absconditus / Mass Grave Aesthetics’ LP
DIABOLI (Fin) – ‘Awakening of Nordic Storm’ LP
FUNERAL MIST (Swe) – ‘Salvation’ D-LP Gatefold
LVCIFYRE (Pol) – ‘The Broken Seal’ LP Gatefold
MYSTAGOS (Spa) – ‘Azoth’ LP
ONIRICOUS (Spa) – ‘La Maldición’ MLP
PHLEGEIN (Fin) – ‘Labyrinth of Wonder’ MLP
SEPTAGE (Dk) – ‘Septic Decadence’ 7”EP
SPECTRUM MORTIS (Spa) – ‘Blasphemare Nomen Eius’ MLP

AKITSA (Can) – ‘Grands Tyrans’ CD digipak
ÅSKOG (Swe) – ‘Varþnaþer’ CD Digipack
BAPTISM (Fin) – ‘Grim Arts of Melancholy’ CD
BAPTISM (Fin) – ‘As The Darkness Enters’ CD
BEYOND THE CATACOMBS (Fin) – ‘Interstellar Burial’ CD Digipack
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) – ‘Fire Burns In Our Hearts’ CD
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) – ‘Falling Monuments’ CD
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) – ‘City Of Slaughter’ CD
CLANDESTINE BLAZE (Fin) – ‘Tranquility Of Death’ CD
DEATHSPELL OMEGA (Fra) – ‘The Synarchy of Molten Bones’ CD Digipack
HORRIPILANT (Spa) – ‘Embrace The Obsession’ MCD
INCARNATED (Swe) – ‘Choirs of the Dead’ CD
LVCIFYRE (Pol) – ‘The Broken Seal’ CD Digipack
MACABRE DECAY (Swe) – ‘Into Oblivion’ CD
MGLA (Pol) – ‘Exercises in Futility’ CD
MYSTAGOS (Spa) – ‘Azoth’ CD
NAER MATARON (Gr) – ‘Και ο λόγος σάρξ εγένετο’ CD Digipack
ONIRICOUS (Spa) – ‘La Maldición’ MCD
QAYIN REGIS (Spa) – ‘Doctrine’ CD
SORORICIDE (Isl) – ‘The Entity’ CD


ACRIMONIOUS (Gr) – ‘Perdition Gospel’ 10″MLP Gatefold
AGONY (Col) – ‘Millennium’ D-LP Gatefold
AHRET DEV (Pol) – ‘Donikad’ LP
ANGRRSTH (Pol) – ‘Znikad’ LP
BARBARIC HORDE (Por) – ‘Axe of Superior Savagery’ LP
BLACK CEREMONIAL KULT (Chi) – ‘Crowned in Chaos’ LP
CULTUM INTERITUM (Pol) – ‘Veneration of The New Dawn’ LP
GRUZJA (Pol) – ‘Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu’ LP
GRUZJA (Pol) – ‘I Iść Dalej’ LP
KAABALH (Fra) – ‘Kaabalh’ LP
NOMED (Fra) – ‘Troop of Death’ MLP Gatefold
PUTRID (Per) – ‘Antichrist Above’ LP
RITES OF DAATH (Pol) – ‘Doom Spirit Emanation’ LP
SERPENTRANCE (Rus) – ‘Akra Tapeinosis’ LP

ALTERED DEAD (Can) – ‘Returned to Life’ TAPE
BLACK CEREMONIAL KULT (Chi) – ‘Crowned in Chaos’ TAPE
ENTHRONED (Bel) – ‘Cold Black Sun’ TAPE
HEXORCIST (USA) – ‘Evil Reaping Death’ TAPE
HYPOCRSY (Swe) – ‘A Taste of Extreme Divinity’ TAPE
NECROCHAOS (Ger) – ‘Mortal Angels Descent’ TAPE
PERILAXE OCCLUSION (Can) – ‘Exponential Decay’ TAPE
PERILAXE OCCLUSION (Can) – ‘Raytraces Of Death’ TAPE
ROTTING KINGDOM (USA) – ‘A Deeper Shade of Sorrow’ TAPE

BESTIAL WARFARE (Ger) – ‘Desecrating Goat Assault’ MCD
BLESSED BY PERVERSION (Gr) – ‘Remnants of Existence’ CD Digipack
CHAINSWORD (Pol) – ‘Blightmarch’ CD
CULT GRAVES (USA) – ‘Strange Customs (+ Demo ’18)’ CD
CULTUM INTERITUM (Pol) – ‘Poison of Being’ CD
DAMNABLE (Pol) – ‘Inperdition’ CD
ENTHRONED (Bel) – ‘Cold Black Sun’ CD
ETERNAL ROT (Pol) – Cadaverine CD
ETERNAL ROT (Pol) – ‘Putridarium’ CD
EVULSE (USA) – Pustulant spawn MCD Digipack
GNOSIS (USA) – ‘Omens from the Dead Realm’ CD
GRIEVING (Pol) – ‘Songs for the Weary’ CD
JARUN (Pol) – ‘Rok Spokojnego Słońca’ CD
KOMMANDO BAPHOMET (Por) – ‘Blood Gospels of Satanic Inquisition’ CD
KOMMANDO BAPHOMET (Por) – ‘Under the Deathsign’ CD
NECROCHAOS (Ger) – ‘Mortal Angels Descent’ CD
PHALANX INFERNO (USA) – ‘The Age of Anti​-​Aquarius’ MCD
SERPENTRANCE (Rus) – ‘Akra Tapeinosis’ CD
SOLFERNUS (Cz) – ‘Hysteria in Coma + Diabolic Phenomenon’ CD Digipack


ANATOMY (Aus) Twisting Depths of Horror + Demos D-LP Gatefold
DESTROYER 666 (Aus) – ‘Wildfire’ LP
EARTH ROT (Aus) – ‘Black Tides of Obscurity’ LP
FESTERDAY (Fin) – ‘Iihtallan’ LP Gatefold
GHOST (Pol) – ‘The Lost of Mercy’ LP
HORRENDOUS (USA) – ‘Idol’ LP Gatefold
INFERNAL DEATH (DK) ‘Demo # 1 / A Mirror Blackened’ D-LP Gatefold
MANDATOR (NL) – ‘Perfect Progeny + Strangled’ D-LP Gatefold
MAYHEM (Nor) – ‘Ordo Ad Chao’ LP Gatefold
MONASTYR (Pol) – ‘Never Dreaming’ LP
MÖRK GRYNING (Swe) – ‘Maelstorm Chaos’ LP Gatefold
MORPHEUS (Swe) Son of Hypnos LP
NECROWRETCH (Fra) – ‘Satanic Slavery’ LP Gatefold
NECROWRETCH (Fr) – ‘The Ones from Hell’ LP Gatefold
OVERTHROW (Can) – ‘Within Suffering / Bodily Domination’ D-LP Gatefold
PESSIMIST (USA) – ‘Cult of the Initiatedl’ LP Gatefold
PESSIMIST (USA) – ‘Blood for the Gods’ LP Gatefold
PESSIMIST (USA) – ‘Slaughtering the Faithful’ LP Gatefold
VARATHRON (Gr) – ‘Sarmutius Pegorus’ MLP
VLTIMAS – ‘Something Wicked Marches In’ LP Gatefold

CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Void’ TAPE
ENSLAVED (Nor) – ‘Cold Black Sun’ TAPE
GAEREA (Por) – ‘Limbo’ TAPE
NECROWRETCH (Fr) – ‘The Ones from Hell’ TAPE

ANATOMY (Aus) Twisting Depths of Horror + Demos CD
APOPLEXY (Sk) – ‘Monarchy of Damned’ CD
ASCENSION (Ger) – ‘The Dead of the World’ CD
CENOTAPH (Mex) – The Gloomy Reflection of… + EPs 2-CD
CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Terror, Propaganda…’ CD Digipack
CRYPT OF KERBEROS (Swe) – ‘Cyclone of Insanity / Visions Beyond Darkness’ CD
DESTROYER 666 (Aus) – ‘Wildfire’ CD
DESTROYER 666 (Aus) – ‘Cold Steel… For an iron age’ CD
EARTH ROT (Aus) – ‘Black Tides of Obscurity’ CD
ELECTROCUTION (It) – ‘Inside The Unreal + demos’ 2-CD
ENSLAVED (Nor) – ‘Eld’ CD
ENSLAVED (Nor) – ‘Monumension’ CD
ENSLAVED (Nor) – ‘Cold Black Sun’ CD
EPITAPH (Swe) – ‘Seeming Salvation’ CD
ESOTERIC (Uk) – ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’ 2-CD Digibook
FESTERDAY (Fin) – ‘Iihtallan’ CD
GAEREA (Por) – ‘Limbo’ CD Digipack
HATE ETERNAL (USA) – ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ CD
HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’ CD
HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘The Tritonus Bell’ CD Digipack
MISERY (Aus) – ‘On Demon Wings’ CD
MISERY (Aus) – ‘Curses’ CD
MÖRK GRYNING (Swe) – ‘Return Fire’ CD Digipack
MÖRK GRYNING (Swe) – ‘Tusen Ar Har Gatt….’ CD Digipack
PESSIMIST (USA) – ‘Blood for the Gods’ CD
PESSIMIST (USA) – ‘Slaughtering the Faithful’ CD
SETH (Fr) – ‘La Morsure Du Christ’ CD Digipack
SHAPE OF DESPAIR (Fin) – ‘Monotony Fields’ CD
VARATHRON (Gr) – ‘live at the swamp 1990’ CD
VLTIMAS – ‘Something Wicked Marches In’ CD Digipack


FACEBREAKER (Swe) – ‘Zombie God’ 7”EP
OPHIS (Ger) – ‘Abhorrence In Opulence’ D-LP Gatefold
PUTERAEON (Swe) – ‘Cult Cthulhu’ LP Gatefold
SPECTRAL VOICE (USA) – ‘Necrotic Demos + bonus EP’ LP + 7″ EP
SUICIDAL WINDS (Swe) – ‘Chaos Rising’ LP

DEIQUISITOR (Dk) – ‘Religiously Endorsed Masochism’ TAPE

ASPHYX (Nl) – ‘The Rack + bonus’ CD Slipcase
BECERUS (It) – ‘Homo Homini Brutus’ CD
BIRDFLESH (Swe) – ‘All the miseries’ MCD
CANCER (Uk) – ‘The Sins of Mankind’ CD
CARDIAC ARREST (USA) – ‘Haven for the Insane’ CD
CENTINEX (Swe) – ‘Subconscious Lobotomy’ CD
DIABOLIZER (Tur) – ‘Khalkedonian Death’ CD
DISEMBODIMENT (Can) – ‘Mutated Chaos’ MCD
EVOCATION (Swe) – ‘Tales from the Tomb’ CD
FOSSILIZATION (Bra) – ‘He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten’ MCD
GALVANIZER (Fin) – ‘Prying Sight Of Imperception’ CD
GATES OF ISHTAR (Swe) – ‘The Dawn of Flames’ CD Slipcase
GATES OF ISHTAR (Swe) – ‘At Dusk and Forever’ CD Slipcase
GLORIA MORTI (Fin) – ‘Eryx’ CD
GLORIA MORTI (Fin) – ‘Anthems of Annihilation’ CD
GLORIA MORTI (Fin) – ‘Lateral Constraint’ CD
ICONS OF BRUTALITY (Nl) – ‘Between Glory And Despair’ CD
MASACRE (Col) – ‘Brutal Agre666ion’ CD
METAPHOBIC (USA) – ‘demo 2021’ MCD
NECROPHAGIA (USA) – ‘Ready for Death’ CD
OPHIS (Ger) – ‘Effigies of Desolation’ 2-CD Digipack
OSSUARY ANEX (Rus) – ‘Holy Blasphemition’ MCD
REVEL IN FLESH (Ger) – ‘Emissary of all Plagues’ CD
SATURNUS (Dk) – ‘Saturn in Ascension’ CD
SCAFFOLD (Ser) – ‘Codex Gigas’ CD
SEPTAGE (Dk) – ‘Septic Decadence’ CD
STYGIAN DARK – ‘Gorelords of War’ CD Slipcase
TURRIS EBURNEA – ‘Turris Eburnea’ MCD
TWIN OBSCENITY (Nor) – ‘For Blood, Honour and Soil’ CD


ADRAMELECH (Fin) – ‘Psychostasia’ CD
DEMIGOD (Fin) – ‘Slumber of Sullen Eyes’ CD
DEMILICH (Fin) – ‘Nespithe’ CD
GRIM FATE (Nl) – ‘Perished in Torment’ CD
HEXORCIST (USA) – ‘Evil Reaping Death’ CD
KILLING ADDICTION (USA) – ‘Mind of a New God’ CD
MELEKTAUS (Chi) – ‘Trascendence through the Ethereal Scourge’ CD
NECROPHILIAC (Spa) – ‘Maze of Forking Paths’ 2-CD
NECROPHILIAC (Spa) – ‘No Living Man is Innocent’ CD
NOTHINGNESS (USA) – ‘The Hollow Gaze of Death’ CD
PURTENANCE (Fin) – ‘Member of Immortal Damnation’ CD
ROTTREVORE (USA) – ‘Iniquitous’ CD
TRANSGRESSOR (Jap) – ‘Ether for Scapegoat’ CD
UNDERGANG (Dk) – ‘Indhentet af Døden’ CD
UNDERGANG (Dk) – ‘Til Døden Os Skiller’ CD
VERMINOUS (Swe) – ‘Impious Sacrilege’ CD

KILLING ADDICTION (USA) – ‘Mind of a New God’ LP (€17)
NECROPHILIAC (Spa) – ‘No Living Man is Innocent’ LP (€17)
PURTENANCE (Fin) – ‘Member of Immortal Damnation’ LP (€20)
PURTENANCE (Fin) – ‘Buried Incarnation’ LP (€17)
ROTTREVORE (USA) – ‘Iniquitous’ LP (€20)

KILLING ADDICTION (USA) – ‘Mind of a New God’ TAPE (€6)