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Latest releases on NWR: Dead Congregation, Embrace Of Thorns re-issues

Released on January 10th 2023:
EMBRACE OF THORNS – ‘Atonement Ritual’ CD
EMBRACE OF THORNS – ‘Praying for Absolution’ CD
Official CD re-issues of these sold out albums, considered by many the band’s strongest albums – a pure ode to blasphemy and death
6-page booklet on both releases, improved layout
Released on December 30th 2022:
DEAD CONGREGATION – ‘Purifying Consecrated Ground’ CD / Tape
2022 edition by Martyrdoom Productions, savagely remastered for heavier sonic torture.
The CD digipack version is available exclusively by Nuclear Winter Records and the band, a regular jewel case version is also available.
The Tape version has new and improved layout compared to the older versions and also comes with the new remastered audio.

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