TIWANAKU (USA) – ‘Earth Base One’ LP (Colored vinyl)


TIWANAKU (USA) – ‘Earth Base One’ LP (Colored vinyl)

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It took a very, very long time for Tiwanaku to be satisfied with their debut album. The prog death metal band, originally formed in 2003 by ex-Nocturnus guitarist Ed Mowery, in its long life featured musicians like Richard Christy (ex-Death), James Murphy (ex-Obituary, ex-Testament) and late Michael Estes (ex-Acheron) among the many. Now, no less than nineteen years later, Tiwanaku is ready to release their first studio album, Earth Base One, via Avantgarde Music / Unorthodox Emanations on November 4th. The album will include contributions from many renowned musicians, from the aforementioned Michael Estes to Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), and will feature a stunning artwork by Spanish art master Juanjo Castellano

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