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TEMPTER’S SACRAMENT (USA) – ‘Temptation Steel Scourge’ TAPE

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TEMPTER’S SACRAMENT (USA) – ‘Temptation Steel Scourge’ TAPE

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The duo made their recorded debut with the demo Putrid Triumph last fall, and now return a year later with the longer and stronger Temptation Steel Scourge. Indeed, Temptation Steel Scourge is fucking perfectly titled, as Tempter’s Sacrament reap the whirlwind of the old gods and smite those who’d dilute the essence of true, ancient death metal and its blacker variant. Mind-melted solos fly fast and free, battery bends and bruises at insane speeds, vokills summoned from sulfurous pits, and absolute RIFFS scythe and slice with cruel precision – there’s no escaping this Temptation Steel Scourge!

Weight 66 g

Invictus Productions


Death Metal