MEZZROW (Swe) – ‘Then Came The Demos’ D-LP (Green splatter)


MEZZROW (Swe) – ‘Then Came The Demos’ D-LP (Green splatter)

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Superb Scandinavian Thrash Metal, an absolute highlight for Thrash Metal fans.

We were around when the first wave of Thrash arrived during the mid 80’s, and we can say that this is the real deal. Listening to this album brings us back to the days when we walked around with dirty white Nike shoes, stretch jeans, wore Slayer and Testament T-shirts till they were in tatters and we would literally use our last money to buy a band’s album. Released in a single-pocket sleeve, comes with a double inner sheet: one with the lyrics and another one with 4 pages full of pictures of the band and demo tape.

Tracks A1 – A3: Frozen Soul – Demo 1988
Tracks B1 – C1: The Cross Of Tormention – Demo 1989
Track C2: Unrealized Track
Tracks D1 – D3: Demo 1991

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Thrash Metal