MATTERHORN (Swi) – ‘Crass Cleansing’ LP Gatefold


MATTERHORN (Swi) – ‘Crass Cleansing’ LP Gatefold

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MATTERHORN took the Metal World by surprise in 2018 with their debut album, Crass Cleansing. The self-released debut of the young power trio from Switzerland started appearing all over the interwebs, shows were constantly being announced, and records were shipped by the band along with hand-written letters in the truest underground tradition. It’s no surprise upon first hearing the band that their main influence are country-mates and legends Celtic Frost. Although heavily inspired by those that paved the way before them, the band would never be satisfied with merely copying the classics…MATTERHORN are armed with a somehow strange and personal aesthetic, musically, visually and lyrically, that shows no interest in genre tropes and cliques. The result is a loose, intoxicated, rebellious dark heavy metal played with an insane appetite for destruction and it’s a true joy to behold its unfolding.

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Redefining Darkness


Death / Thrash