GRINDER MAG. #1 + Atomic Aggressor / Unholy War 7”EP


GRINDER MAG. #1 + Atomic Aggressor / Unholy War 7”EP

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For the first time ever, the mag is entirely written in English and then there’s the actual content, Padilla having chosen to specifically focus on the South American versatile scene with lengthy interviews with doom masters CAPILLA ARDIENTE (Chile), COBRA (Peru) or BODO PRETO (Brazil). And as a special treat to old-school maniacs, you also get a lengthy chat with Jakob Schultz from INVOCATOR about the recently unleashed demo collection on DOOMENTIA, plus features on Spain’s HORN OF THE RHINO and GRAVEYARD. All in all, over 80 pages packed with reviews, interviews, flyers and whatnot. And if somehow, this still wasn’t enough to satisfy your thirst for real underground metal, here’s the truly icing on the cake: the addition of a very special split seven inches by two cult acts from Santiago, ATOMIC AGGRESSION and UNHOLY WAR. Whereas the first ones offer here a raw and unpolished version of the song “Unbodied Rites” originally on their debut album ‘Sights of Suffering’, UW are delivering here their first studio recording ever, despite being formed as far as December 1988!

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