GORGON (Fr) – ‘The Lady Rides a Black Horse’ LP (Clear vinyl)


GORGON (Fr) – ‘The Lady Rides a Black Horse’ LP (Clear vinyl)

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Recorded in 1994, The Lady Rides A Black Horse is generally considered as the first album within the French black metal scene. With a new line-up and 11 tracks, keyboards parts that are sometimes incorporated into the waves of aggression for an ephemeral, atmospheric touch, this album has been completely remastered and with new artwork in the vein of ’90s atmosphere. This is a journey to the roots of the genre, where everything was yet to be created, where the core of Gorgon is revealed. Re-issue of the very first album, re-mastered for a better dynamic by WSL studios. Reprint, 300x milky clear 12″ (140g), innersleeve full-color on 220g, jacket full-color on 350g, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

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