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AGRESSOR (Fra) – ‘The Order of Chaos’ 3-CD


AGRESSOR (Fra) – ‘The Order of Chaos’ 3-CD

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AGRESSOR are widely acknowledged as the godfathers of French Death Metal. Those pioneers were forward thinking in many ways: musically, their unique sound is based within the then-newly burgeoning death metal scene of the early nineties, yet it comes with a solid dose of the original thrash heritage. ‘The Order of Chaos’ box-set contains the acclaimed releases ‘Medieval Rites’ (1999), ‘The Spirit of Evil’ (2001) and ‘Deathreat’ (2006) with new bonus material and a 24-page booklet with previously unpublished pictures and live photos. A must have for all AGRESSOR fans! Recommended if you like: MASSACRA, LOUDBLAST, MORBID ANGEL.

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