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ZOM (Irl) – ‘Flesh Assimilation’ CD


ZOM (Irl) – ‘Flesh Assimilation’ CD

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For a band that only formed in 2011, and with a back catalog consisting of a demo and 7” EP, ZOM have the confidence and chops of a band on its third or fourth full-length. ‘Flesh Assimilation’ demands listening at maximum volume, shifting between tectonically heavy riffs and furious blastbeat assaults, while vocalists Chthon and Sodomaniac spew monstrously reverb-laden vocals like missives from Pandemonium. There’s little technical shredding on here – guitarist Sodomaniac opts for memorable hooks, with squeals serving more like vocal effects on tracks like ‘Dead Worlds’. And for all the shattering sounds, the guttural howls and stomach-churning bass, each element stands out.

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Invictus Productions


Death Metal

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