WRITHING (Aus) – ‘Eternalised In Rot’ 7”EP


WRITHING (Aus) – ‘Eternalised In Rot’ 7”EP

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The power-trio’s first public recording, Eternalised in Rot is a quick-yet-crushing introduction to WRITHING’s generation-straddling death metal. While no doubt rooted in American turn-of-the-’90s classics – in particular, the earliest works of Suffocation, Immolation, and Gorguts – there’s equally a sense of the ominous and ethereal here which puts this two-song EP in more modern/progressive company; contemporaries could include Portal, Ulcerate, Gigan, Altarage, and even Mithras and Mitochondrion. But, lest one think WRITHING lurk too long in the abyssal depths, there’s a startlingly precise execution across the EP that ably highlights the band’s tech-yet-focused songwriting.

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