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WOLD (Can) – ‘Freemasonry’ CD Digipack


WOLD (Can) – ‘Freemasonry’ CD Digipack

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Notorious and extreme Canadian band Wold, hailing from the vast, desolate prairies of the frozen northern wastelands, returns with their most powerful offering to date. Entitled Freermasonry, the new album is a raging blizzard of darkness and death whose harsh sounds of psychotic hypnosis are a haunting alien presence slowly waiting to reveal its true nature. The group’s deepest and most thought-provoking work yet, Freermasonry is an intriguing and in-depth look into Wold dictator Fortress Crookedjaw’s observations on religion, the occult and the Servant of the Light. Always polarizing, never for the weak of heart or mind, Wold is the most unique and bizarre extreme music enigma of our time.

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