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WITCH KING (USA) – ‘Voice of the Ossuary’ CD Digipack


WITCH KING (USA) – ‘Voice of the Ossuary’ CD Digipack

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WITCH KING blast into Voice of the Ossuary with primeval abandon. Theirs is an ancient sound, bucking nowadays trends, and returning to the foul recesses of classic blackgrind, informed by early Blood, Archgoat, Naked Whipper, and of course, the almighty Blasphemy. But whereas so much parallel ‘bestial metal’ crams in non-sequitur riffs and transitions – or simply forgets them altogether, just plowing through one riff monochromatically – WITCH KING actually possess songwriting, and unfurl one flowing fountain of filth after another.

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Blood Harvest


Bestial Death / Black

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