WHITE WARD (Ukr) – ‘Futility Report’ LP (Green/Clear vinyl)


WHITE WARD (Ukr) – ‘Futility Report’ LP (Green/Clear vinyl)

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In stock
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Furious and intimate, exciting and intriguing, “Futility Report” stems from a thoroughly modern vision, an innovative interpretation of Extreme Music which breaks down established codes whilst simultaneously deep -rooted in the obscure history of Black Metal. “Futility Report” – or the metallic version of ULVER’s legendary “Perdition City” – is a new form of Dark Music, a serious piece of Art far removed from usual clichés and a significant forward step. Comes with 12″x12″ 2-page insert and download card. Pressed on ultra clear w/ green pigment vinyl. Limited to 245 copies.

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Debemur Morti


Black Metal

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