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WHARFLURCH (USA) – ‘Lurking Doom + Demo 2019’ CD


WHARFLURCH (USA) – ‘Lurking Doom + Demo 2019’ CD

In stock

In stock
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Thundering chords strike in with a grotesque darkness, met by pounding drums and snarling growls. The murky mix perfectly suits the visceral and cavernous Death Metal which bellows with a savagely eerie atmosphere, dripping in ichorous riffs and crashing cymbal fills. Everything about this recording feels well put together with some utterly tremendous riffs, furious drum work and malignantly gross vocals. If you can handle the raw, rotted putridity of Wharflurch, then you will be treated to some excellently unhinged and barbaric Death Metal from the spewing belly of the underground

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Morbid Chapel Records


Death Metal

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