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WALK THROUGH FIRE (Swe) – ‘Furthest From Heaven’ CD


WALK THROUGH FIRE (Swe) – ‘Furthest From Heaven’ CD

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Take us to the place where the doom vibration reigns supreme. Take us to the place where all we hear is the heavy sonics of sludge. I know a band that can take us there – Sweden’s Walk Through Fire will be our guide & their new album, Furthest From Heaven, will be our soundtrack. This band has created an album that I’m very impressed with from start to finish. It’s not easy to make complex music sound simple, but this band achieves that with melodic clouds that float above the doom. The vocals in this band are awesome, but they are not the focus of the music, because the atmosphere that each note plays is the focus. Furthest From Heaven is heavy music that flies with the cosmic eagles off into space!

Weight 99 kg

Doom Metal

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