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VRENTH (USA) – ‘Succumb to Chaos’ CD


VRENTH (USA) – ‘Succumb to Chaos’ CD

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Although the title seemingly implores as much, Succumb to Chaos unfurls a monolithic path full of slimy, tendrilous songwriting that’s exceptionally linear and yet subtly twisted all the same; there’s no randomness nor “riff salad” jerkoffs here. No, VRENTH are duly DEATH METAL for true death metal maniacs: all’s housed within a hulking carapace of dread, doom, and disease, undoubtedly strewn with severed limbs and steaming innards at its core. Certainly, Succumb to Chaos keeps the “caveman” aspect loud ‘n’ proud, but guided by prolific drum-whirlwind Charlie Koryn, the execution equally exudes grime AND grace. Lockwelded to VRENTH’s strongest songwriting to date, as well as everything tastefully blackened, Succumb to Chaos is a grand assertion of death metal traditionalism that isn’t totally blinkered by the past.

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