VINDICATOR (USA) – ‘There Will Be Blood’ LP


VINDICATOR (USA) – ‘There Will Be Blood’ LP

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It’s hard to tell if those so-called ‘new wave of US thrash-metal’ has ever been a reality or just one those journo’s wild fantasy but if such thing would have ever existed, you’d probably find VINDICATOR at the top of the list. Then again, when you’re being stranded somewhere in the Cleveland area, Ohio as the Stown brothers Vic (guitar, vocals) and Jesse (drums) were, in the end you have no choice but to follow the rest of the herd… Or simply go for the kill. And they did, as early as in 2005 when ‘real’ thrash seemed like a thing of the past, only to be revered by thirty years plus old metalheads with tears in their eyes. That such a killer debut as ‘There Will Be Blood’ had to be self-released due to a total lack of interest from potential labels back in 2008 almost seems like heresy now but it’s not even like the band themselves cared much. As a matter of fact, as if striving from being free from any outside pressure or hype, they simply set out to release a straight, balls-to-the-walls, no-frills-and-no-bullshit-allowed METAL album. Sitting comfortably somewhere between early MEGADETH tainted with the ‘evil’ approach of SLAYER and the typically German fury of SODOM, the beauty of this raging little fucker is that it doesn’t even pretend to step forward unmasked. Granted with one of the most literate cover out there, full of songtitles alone that just don’t beat around the bush and tell you straight what the score is (“Pain And Suffering”, “Shrapnel” or “Thrash And Destroy” just to name a few) and even rougher and rawer than its sophomore ‘The Antique Witcheries’ released two years later, ‘There Will Be Blood’ shows no mercy. Now re-released on LP with the usual high DOOMENTIA standards, this is once again the time to raise the flag of hate and re-launch the infernal overkill. Aaaaaargh!!!!

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