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VERILUOLA – ‘Cascades of Crimson Cruor’ CD


VERILUOLA – ‘Cascades of Crimson Cruor’ CD

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In stock
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On their highly-anticipated debut album Cascades of Crimson Cruor, Veriluola embrace all of the beloved history of black and death metal to create something that is all their own. Harrowing riffs descended from Mediterranean swamps, Finnish caves of blood, timeless melodic death metal, spirited classic heavy metal, and Roman heroism collide, merging seamless to make music that is all Veriluola: equally pummeling and heavy as majestic, both beautiful and cruel in different moments of extremely varied and creative songwriting. Highly recommended for fans of Varathron, Mortuary Drape, and Dungeon Serpent.

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Nameless Grave Rec.


Black Metal