VENEFIXION (Fr) – ‘Armorican Deathrites’ MLP


VENEFIXION (Fr) – ‘Armorican Deathrites’ MLP

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Comes with poster. From the very first few seconds, Armorican Deathrites explodes with an excitement that’s tantamount to a pestilent fury; from there, it mangles the mind and body with a malevolence that’s absolutely addicting. For VENEFIXION, for all their forward-moving mass, are songwriters above all, and their songwriting strengths have been upratcheted here, twisting terms like ‘traditional’ death metal beyond the pejorative sense of ‘retro’ and into a realm of timelessness, where the early, pioneering works of Morbid Angel, Repulsion, and Autopsy lay.

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Death Metal

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