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VATICINAL RITES (UK) – ‘Vaticinal Rites’ MCD


VATICINAL RITES (UK) – ‘Vaticinal Rites’ MCD

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Formed in 2020, in the midst of a world pandemic, social upheaval and isolation, UK based Vaticinal Rites play a visceral form of Death Metal sprinkled with hints of technicality. Inspired by the classic Floridian and European underground (most notably Greek) Death Metal scenes of the early – mid 90s, their self-titled EP gives us a clear picture of a band discovering their own unique voice amid a sea of mediocrity. Their lyric and visual presentation explore themes of spirituality, loss, the occult and escapism. Their debut offering is pure passion and raw emotion in its most brutal form. Vaticinal Rites are a strong addition to the New Wave of British Death Metal that seems to be heating up more and more as we head closer to 2022. FFO: Morbid Angel, Death, Disincarnate, Protector, Apoplexy, Anesthesy and Dead Congregation

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