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VASSAFOR (NZ) – ‘To the Death’ CD Digipak


VASSAFOR (NZ) – ‘To the Death’ CD Digipak

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In stock
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Not for nothing is this third full-length titled as such: To the Death bespeaks VASSAFOR’s own path – theirs, and theirs literally ALONE – that is verily ‘Archaic Black Metal that exists outside time.’ Any band would kill to write songs as mesmerizing ‘n’ monolithic as the opening 12-minute title track, or the ten-minute self-explanatory ‘Eyrie,’ or especially the 17-minute, likewise self-explanatory closer ‘Singularity’…and that’s barely half the album. VASSAFOR exist on their own terms, and we can only help but bear witness to their black magick.

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Iron Bonehead Prod.


Death / Black

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