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VARATHRON (Gr) – ‘live at the swamp 1990’ CD


VARATHRON (Gr) – ‘live at the swamp 1990’ CD

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‘The live show in 5 & 6 december 1990 in rock palais – piraeus (athens), was the first live show from black metal bands in greece!!! We prepared from months via normal letters without e-mails and internet! Was so glorious and pure days!! More dark feelings and true warriors!! Not the “pseudo-hordes” of the fashion victims of today!! The cover songs of death and terrorizer was played by me-vocals, mutilator-bass, teo-guitars (death courier) and themis-drums. Total rules!!! This live i dedicated to my eternal brother dead of morbid & mayhem! You rules!!!’ Stefan NecroAbyssious

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Greek Black Metal

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