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VACUOUS (UK) – ‘Dreams of Dysphoria’ CD


VACUOUS (UK) – ‘Dreams of Dysphoria’ CD

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In stock
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While you could wrongfully assume that there is only simplicity to be found in this style of music, Vacuous have an utterly unique, warped way of writing their songs that is alike no other. From the gloomier moments to the gut-wrenching hooks, there is always something slightly off-kilter here that is disquieting and unfamiliar. This feverish and unwelcoming side of the music is hard to shake, which gives the album a genuinely disturbing factor while the absolutely ferocious Death Metal core is never lost, nor anything short of thrust upon you. It would be an easy trap to pin them into the “old school” micro genre, but this would be doing a disservice as although the real Death Metal spirit of old is here, Vacuous are simply not derivative enough of any specific sound to be pigeon-holed so easily. Listen for yourself and discover this nightmarish tome, but be warned… “Dream of Dysphoria” is a truly prophetic title, as this record might cause psychiatric harm, claustrophobia, sleep-paralysis and all manner of bodily harm.

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Dark Descent


Death Metal