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VACIVUS (UK) – ‘Annihilism’ CD


VACIVUS (UK) – ‘Annihilism’ CD

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With their new album “Annihilism”, UK death metal unit VACIVUS will be poised to become one of the isle’s most prominent death metal bands. Impressions were made with their “Rite Of Ascension” demo EP, their “Nuclear Chaos” 7” and ultimately their “Temple Of The Abyss” debut LP from 2017 which saw the band make their stain within the UK death metal scene. “Annihilism” though will see VACIVUS will make their impact with more punishing and unrelenting force by offering a serpentine death metal treasure that threads the fibers of dark unyielding brutality, technical proficiency and refined death metal musicality of the highest plateau.

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