V/A – ‘The Wine Of Satan pt.2’ LP


V/A – ‘The Wine Of Satan pt.2’ LP

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More than a decade after the first volume comes the ultimate continuation of the same Black Metal legacy: “The Wine of Satan: Volume II”. After almost two years of meticulous searching through the dark, dank caverns of the underground for acts worthy of appearing on this legendary compilation, Necroterror Records summoned upon eight Black hordes to make “The Wine of Satan: Volume II” a reality. The cults conspiring to spread His words through this infernal compendium are Bestial Mockery, Code, Funeral Winds, Furze, Hell Militia, Irreverent, Root and The One. Necroterror Records also sought out the one and only Chris Moyen to conceive the blasphemous artwork adorning the front cover of “The Wine of Satan: Volume II” which was mastered by none other than Sakis of Rotting Christ.

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Black Metal

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