V/A – ‘Monomaniac vol.2/3’ LP


V/A – ‘Monomaniac vol.2/3’ LP

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Grouping together some of the most radical acts from all over the globe and asking from them a one-minute long statement, this is what the Monomaniac series is all about! Even though short timings are standard practice for punk-related music genres, it is extremely interesting to hear how bands from other scenes respond to the challenge, as well as how it sounds to juxtapose short bursts from the extreme underground’s different tendencies… This second (and double) installment in the series has been mastered for vinyl by C.Sinclair, drummer of Diocletian & Witchrist fame and the participating acts are: WITCHRIST, MONOMAKH, SKULLSHITTER, NOCTURNAL VOMIT, NADIWRATH, END, HAAPOJA, DEPHOSPHORUS, BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA, WAKE, PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY, GODS OF CHAOS, MUTANT SUPREMACY, RAVENCULT, BURIAL HORDES, WEREGOAT, DODSFERD, NECROSADIST.

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