UNDERGANG (Dk) – ‘Ufrivilling Donation Af Vitale Organer’ MLP


UNDERGANG (Dk) – ‘Ufrivilling Donation Af Vitale Organer’ MLP

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In stock
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This EP consists of two new songs, “Ufrivillig Donation Af Vitale Organer” and “Man Binder Ikke Et Dødt Menneske”, both in the typical heavy down tuned style of brutality from the Danish band, similar to what you heard in “Misantropologi” from 2017. In the other hand, there’s an incredible rendition of cult Finnish masters FUNEBRE and the classic “Grip Of Insanity,”, the song that closes “Children Of The Scorn” from 1991. And if that’s not enough, the EP ends with a live version of “Indhentet Af Døden” from their 2010 debut with the same title.

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