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UNDERGANG (Dk) – ‘Indhentet af Døden’ CD


UNDERGANG (Dk) – ‘Indhentet af Døden’ CD

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In stock
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‘Drawing on inspiration from death metal legends such as Autopsy, Suffocation, Carcass, Death and Morbid Angel the unholy gang of three known as UNDERGANG intended to create their own unique brand of raw death metal with a sound as thick and punishing as a brick wall that repeatedly keeps on crashing down on you. And with the recording of the tracks that makes up the debut LP-release entitled “Indhentet af Døden” (“Caught by Death”) UNDERGANG definitely succeeded in doing just that: These recordings are as dark as your worst nightmare and as cutting as your sharpest knife, bound to make your ears bleed and your soul shrink as they hammer you into oblivion.’

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Death Metal

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