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ULCER (Swe) – ‘Grant Us Death’ CD


ULCER (Swe) – ‘Grant Us Death’ CD

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Poland’s morbid sextet ULCER returns this time in worship of the old-school Swedeath chainsaw laceration! Never for a moment losing focus on the authentic Swedish fucking Death Metal sound that has terrorized the globe for decades, the band’s new full-length effort ‘Grant Us Death’ is truly an unspeakable act of zombie-invoking riffs, heavily dosed with horror-theme inspired melody lines but yet spewing forth some of the most extremely well-(de)composed filthy-as-fuck Death Metal in the recent years. Featuring the exclusive macabre painting by Bartek Kurzok. ‘Grant Us Death’ is a rotten bag filled with unpretentious D-Beats and blast beats, HM-2 buzzsaw overkill in the name of hate and misanthropy!

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