TRIAL (Swe) – ‘Malicious Arts’ 7”EP


TRIAL (Swe) – ‘Malicious Arts’ 7”EP

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Riding high on the critical acclaim afforded their The Primordial Temple debut last year, Swedish true metal occultists TRIAL return with an epic new EP entitled Malicious Arts. Pressed onto 7′ vinyl, Malicious Arts contains two trademark TRIAL tracks – darkly galloping, aura-enshrouded, steel-clad HEAVY METAL in the grand tradition of ancient early ’80s masters – but which also see the band expanding their compositional ‘storytelling language’ toward more grandiose, strangely twisting ends. Behold the Malicious Arts! Recommended for diehards of early IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, and OZ.

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Nuclear Winter Records


Heavy Metal

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