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THULSA DOOM – ‘A Fate Worse Than Death’ CD


THULSA DOOM – ‘A Fate Worse Than Death’ CD

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At long last, THULSA DOOM deliver their debut album, A Fate Worse Than Death. Picking up right where they left off, the band’s first full-length brims with the same hellfire and mystery that made the late ’80s such a classic period in the underground, and then adds caldronous atmosphere that only heightens their extreme aggression that much more. In fact, with a righteously robust production that’s powerful and era-exemplary, one could argue that A Fate Worse Than Death is stylistically the perfect middle point between Abominations of Desolation and Altars of Madness…and if you don’t know, then you really DON’T fucking KNOW! Nevertheless, THULSA DOOM are their own masters, and the songwriting teeters on that dangerous tightrope between control and chaos – but the key word here is dangerous. Nowadays “death metal” mostly lacks that danger, but these mad Italians are here to bring it back in full force. Because to do otherwise is A Fate Worse Than Death!

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