TEMPLE OF BAAL / RITUALIZATION (Fr) – split LP (Splatter vinyl)


TEMPLE OF BAAL / RITUALIZATION (Fr) – split LP (Splatter vinyl)

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Okay, so what would happen if two of the most brutal metal bands in France where to join forces and forge an unholy alliance of musical evil? Well, this split, which features black metallers Temple of Baal and brutal death metallers Ritualization, gives you what might well be the answer to that question. The two parts are equal in quality, but different in sound and expression (but both operate within the brutal end of the metal music spectrum), and thus the whole split is varied and interesting. Fans of death metal and black metal should be able to enjoy both the Temple of Baal and the Ritualization parts of this magnificent split. Limited to 150 copies transparent/red splatter vinyl.

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Agonia Records


Death / Black