TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE (Oz) – ‘Condemnation’ CD


TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE (Oz) – ‘Condemnation’ CD

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Hailing from the currently untouchable Australian black metal scene, the mysterious TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE remain rooted in the blackest arts whilst performing the ancient Metal of Death, self-described as “Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy.” And indeed, that’s precisely what the Oz duo offer up on their highly anticipated debut album, Condemnation. Churning, gnawing, throbbing, Condemnation is blackened DEATH-fucking-METAL with its soul ripped asunder. Each strike upon stretched animal skin and amplified barbed wire, each slice of atmosphere forever descending, each cacophonous bellow from depths unknown – all are in service to infernal forces beyond human comprehension. TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE give you the keys to your Condemnation. Black vinyl limited to 350 copies. (Please note: Dark Descent is handling the release of ‘Condemnation’ for North America)

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